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Service Offered

People who start businesses often excel in their chosen field. Because of this they often do well in business; at first. Then, as the business grows, new challenges arise. Staff need to be recruited, managed and paid, finances need managing, you need to find work, deal with tax, the bank manager and a multitude of legislation and bureaucracy. 

Just because you are a great accountant or bricklayer, doesnt mean you will be great at running a business. That is a completely different skill-set. And many many business owners fail for that reason, they have the skills to lay bricks, but not to run a business. Thats where I come in. 

What I do


Successful business owners like me do not often teach, they are too busy building their own businesses as I am. But I believe in giving back so set aside a portion of my time to teach others. I teach business owners how to run and build a business properly. I know what you need to do to build a strong and very profitable business as I have built several myself and learned the hard way. The idea is that I fast-track your knowledge and save you time and money in making the same mistakes I did.  

I work closely with business owners to educate them, giving them the business skills to design, build and protect their business, whatever their sector the issues are the same. I mentor my owners for as long as they need me and I pass on my vast knowledge and network to them.

My service:

• I meet owners for one day per month for a 4-6 hour session.
• You speak about your issues and I listen. The more I know, the more I can help. 
• I make suggestions for you to implement.

  • I am there by their side for difficult meetings and am contactable any time by phone or email throughout the month. 


£1500 per month by direct debit paid in advance.

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